Sunday, 26 July 2015

Words Illustrated 1917, Part 1

My paternal grandfather - the main subject of this blog - purchased this visual dictionary to support his post-retirement recreational studies of his ancestral culture. 

After a century, this has become quite an interesting historical document. It names old artifacts - many of which are seen only in museums today. It also preserves some of the comments by the 'contemporary authorities' about the virtues of the language and culture.

While anyone can obtain a copy of a microfilm of a similar document on the internet. Only here can you be assured that the book has passed from father to son to grandson along an unbroken chain of pure laine-edness (documented back to 1635) and with the comfort in knowing that all the owners had been born in Quebec.

... (PS: All of us had English as our mother tongue.)

I have tried to resolve the details of the images as much as possible. Additional parts of this book will be posted here in the future.

I think this section is about proper equine nutrition?