Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lac Saguay, Quebec 1949-1964

Lac Saguay in the 1950s

George Gagnon got to know Romeo Moquin through John Angell. Romeo had several tourist cabins and sold George the one with the above view. It was said to have been the home of Godmer. After buying the original area, George bought two more areas which provided shoreline as far as Highway 11 a few hundred feet to the south and included a small shed which could have been used to keep a horse. In 1961, George decided to build a house in order to become a year-round resident of Lac Saguay. While he had men to put in a solid foundation and a carpenter (likely Raoul Painchaud), he did many odd jobs on the structure.

.. this is how my late father begins his 1990 account. In an exercise book, he has arranged and described the detailed series of construction snapshots my grandfather (George Gagnon) took of his new home in the Laurentians. In addition, my father included other snapshots of people who lived there, or had summer cottages at Lac Saguay. My grandfather died suddenly a little over 50 years ago in early 1964 and the property was sold. I was six when he died and I've spent a fair amount of effort over the years trying to go 'back there'. 
But the point of this blog is to preserve what my grandfather did and what my father wrote about it years later.
To complete this first post, here is a map my father created to document the local geography and to remember some of the neighbours and features of 50 years ago. Note that long arrows refer to particular locating dots - for precision and neatness.

Aux alentours du Lac Saguay
Extra large version below: