Sunday, 25 January 2015

Summer 1952, Lac Saguay

My father's album notations follow. [Mine will be in square brackets]

The road to Lac Saguay from the bus. The Provincial Transport Co eventually took over the route from the Victory Bus Co.

[This photo is uncaptioned. My grandfather's correspondence notes that new hydro-electricity operations on Lac Saguay for sawmill power and for electricity sale to utility companies were causing some residents to complain about variability in lake levels.]

A drive to Mont Laurier from Lac Saguay with the Brindamours - shown outside the Mont Laurier hospital, which had a good view of the town.

In car: Mrs May Brindamour and Margie Walker
Foreground: LC Gagnon, Mr Brindamour, Peter Brindamour, George Gagnon.

Mr Brindamour was a florist and at one time he worked at a shop a couple of blocks west from our Sherbrooke St apartment. The Brindamours and the Walkers were Lac Saguay summer visitors. Mrs Brindamour and Mrs Walker were sisters. The Walkers lived in St Paul l'Ermite, site of a WWII munitions plant.

Margie Walker, Peter Brindamour, Rosemary and George Gagnon.

[The view from the hospital hill]

Margie Walker and Rosemary's cat.

Mrs Grubb (Margaret Carss' mother), Margaret, Albert Carss, George Gagnon, Georgia, Eddie.

Mr Carss was a Sun Oil Co accountant, Mrs Carss had been a dental assistant in Philadelphia and had a dentist brother in Aruba. Georgia became a university teacher and Eddie is a veteran of the US Army. (5/89)

The Carss were good friends from Philadelphia who eventually put up a pre-cut summer house at the west end of the lake - here they were renting a Moquin chalet near George Gagnon's. [A neighbour of the Carss family in Philadelphia was anthropologist Margaret Mead: LCG]

Heather, Alice, Stanley, Laura [Rodger] make a summer visit to Lac Saguay.

[Two of my maternal grandmother's siblings - centre. Stanley and Laura's daughter is Heather.]